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Thread: Refinish Cost Analysis

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    Refinish Cost Analysis

    Has anyone here done a cost analysis on sprayable materials cost per Oz./Pint/Qt. etc. for any of the major brands and is any one brand is more cost effective than another in your studies. Needing some opinions as I am considering changing from Sikkens to another brand. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    PPG & Matrix

    I am currently using PPG and Matrix formulations. When asked I say that I am mixing PPG / DBC, Deltron. For the most part I have been substituting Matrix tints for the PPG / DMD tints in as many positions as possible for years. The colors always match perfectly and I am saving a substantial amount using Matrix over what my PPG jobber sells to me.

    I own my mixing equipment and all of my tints... so I have complete flexibility in what I do. Be advised that substituting Matrix tints for PPG tints may be considered taboo by your jobber if you consign equipment or inventory.

    I have two local PPG jobbers. Both have good size warehouses. One jobber has most of the shops in the are and most of those shops are using the Global system. That same jobber is my preferred jobber. So, as a result when ever I need to place an order I will be waiting at least two days and usually on average a week for a single tint because I use DBC. It usually has to come from the PPG warehouse. I think PPG is doing this to discourage the use of DBC or Deltron use because it is universal with Matrix. The other jobber is more Deltron friendly but more trouble to deal with. That jobber is busy being rude and disrespectful to the shops and pretty much sits there with their doors open but selling nothing.

    My Matrix jobber is over 150 miles away and I can always get a order the next day if needed. Go figure... My Matrix guy wants my business and the PPG jobber is just to stuck on themselves to offer good service.

    I almost always put in one stock order per month and rarely if ever need a hotshot delivery from any jobber. My orders come direct from a PBE warehouse truck freight packaged on a pallet.

    I like the Matrix 2k surfacer and their epoxy primer is good too. The surfacer is like PPG's K-36 the epoxy is like PPG's DP.For the last decade we use allot PPG NCP- 271 high build corrosion resistant Iso-free surfacer. I have to order in mass quantities as well. Everyone around me still uses K-36. My PPG jobber always trys to push K-36 on us. The NCP-271 goes to far.

    I also use PPG Concept and Awlgrip. Too bad Matrix does not have a suitable replacement for that.

    Awlgrip is awesome. The 545 epoxy primers / surfacers can not be equaled for use in the custom or restoration business. The paints are far superior to anything else. But, Awlgrip can not be used in production shops. It is just to slow.

    We love the Matrix MS-20 clear. It works just like the PPG DCU 2020 line. The clear and hardener can be used in DCC Concept so that is a perfect fit for me too. We rarely produce more than three jobs from one booth in a shift anyway so it is plenty fast enough at 70 - 80 F my average daily temperature.

    The Matrix and Awlgrip jobbers are both so helpful it can't be measured in words.

    The cost of materials... I will pass that on to the customer. Sure I find it amazing how fast the costs increase.I'm sure the paint company's are amazed at how fast their sales are going through the floor. They have no choice but to raise prices. I don't have a insurance company to satisfy... only real paying customers.I need to provide quality and durability. Cheap materials won't cut it. For me the jobber I buy from needs to provide the same services to me that my customers expect me to provide to them.

    As far as Matrix quality is concerned the MS-20 has a hold out that goes beyond. I have been watching jobs finished over a decade ago that are exposed to Florida sun daily with not issues what so ever. Awlgrip jobs I have are reaching 25 years with no issues.

    If you dump Sikkens keep the Kombi-putty. No one else has it. And if you like transparent / tintable sealer PPG K-93 is amazing. Use MS-20 in it and spray it transparent edge to edge and spot blend over it. Much nicer than that Sikkens product.

    I use Binks Mach-1 HVLP with 94 fluid nozzles and 97P air caps and pressure cups. No gravity feed. This is the same set up Awlgrip recommends. If set up and used correctly this alone will keep material use and cost down so low that you wouldn't believe it.
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