I am addressing the implication that the insurer would owe just for the recall change, not to those that were in actual accidents. It has always been State Farm's position that a properly repaired car does not by virture of an accident, retain less of a value so this is nothing new. Personally I think in some cases that postion is correct although loss value experts claim that any accident affects value, which is about as extreme as insurer's position that if they have paid the full amount necessary to repair, there is no loss.

Dogmatic pursuit of the minutia at the edge of a position is a waste of time by either party and gives rise to the other party for crticism. As everyone in the repair business knows, no heavily damaged vehicle can be returned to the condition it was prior to the damage. And as we know, few cars with the exception of very minor damage are properly repaired. I think diminished value experts should stick hard to the bad repairs and forget about the fringe and extreme bounds of their position.