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Thread: If there are issues with registering or posting

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    Jan 2009

    If there are issues with registering or posting

    contact me via gmail porschecarnutt@gmail.com

    We are probably going to turn off the "whose on line" sort of stuff. There will be some changes and if anyone has any input or concerns, don't hesitate to send me an email.

    We want this to work seamlessly as possible but like every thing new, there will be some issues.

  2. Let Roy know if there is something this board does that you

    would rather not see............He can have it shut off......many features but not always a need for them.....protecting legitimate alias's is his first intent.........

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    Jan 2009

    Spell Check & Permission to link.

    I clicked on the (ABC) to try the spell checker on an earlier post and was asked to download ispell.

    Well, I already had it installed on my computer and have found it to be a great add on for Internet Explorer. It works very well and has never been an issue.

    I suggest that everyone download a copy and use it whenever they need. It will install and add itself to your tool bar. there are several options that one can set to make it more user friendly.

    Anyway, if your computer is like mine... once you download and install ispell you would no longer click the (ABC) to spell check. Instead you would click the ispell tool under tools on your Internet browser tool bar.

    I'm glad to see the new forum format.

    I'm sure it will soon become a more well used and reference resource.

    Perhaps some will have a slight learning curve. But, I'm sure things will work themselves out soon.

    May I have permission to link to this forum from my website?

    One more thing that I noticed was the "wrap code, HTML and php tags around text" option. You may want to disable this option to the casual user.

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    Jan 2009

    I had to come back and check. I see it is iespell. There are also ispell downloads listed. I downloaded the free c-net one and it works great.

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