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Thread: Avitars

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    Jan 2009


    It seems that the custom avitar file is gone so you will have to reset your avitar. Corrections have been made to increase load and view speed.

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    My profile picture is my avatar

    and it is displaying in my settings for profile picture.

    The avatar I used which is the same as my profile picture is not available in the section where one would select a avatar. In fact avatars that would be there for selection are not displaying... Where would one upload a fresh file? Under the avatar section? Or someplace else?

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    Jan 2009


    I haven't had time to play with the avatars lately, but will do so over the next few days and give instructions to all (if I can figure it out)
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    Joplin MOzzuri

    How many KB maximum to upload and can an avatar be a gif?
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  5. A recent update on the software

    has broken the Avatars....they are being looked at now and researched and the custom ones may become available again.....Enjoy your turkey and lets see what happens early next week......


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    Avatar size

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Orton View Post
    How many KB maximum to upload and can an avatar be a gif?
    The "ideal" avatar size is 100 x 100 pixels and gif should work fine along with .png, jpg and bmp. Of course Cobb breaks all the rules.
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    Lets see

    If I got anything
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