yeah, we are just old farts blowing in the wind Bill.

Rizzi forwarded an article from RDN this morning about "State Farm not paying for scans required by the OEM's and one or more instances where they say they don't owe for scans under the policy". I guess the policy is no longer "return to pre-accident condition", but that is another discussion we've had.

What is so obvious if repairers did not use data, what say would SF and any insurer for that matter, have over what repairers perform? Unless of course it was stipulated in the policy......

So that brings another point. Why do repairers use data? Obvious. They won't get paid a single dime if they don't use one or the other data platforms to determine their costs and selling price.

Unbelievably simple yet as mentioned, everyone dances around the solution to the debacle. They are either terminally stupid, and/or afraid and rightly so. Just imagine how arrogant, and obvious, insurers have become in their relationship with repairers in the last decade?

One thing Bill your numbers in your final sentence.....the real number would be stunning and would probably be in the hundreds of billions.....insurers have skinning the repairers and consumers down to a basic science......and my opinion of course.