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Thread: Federal health plan

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    Jan 2009

    Federal health plan

    here is a scary scenario.....

    "In terms of reimbursing doctors and hospitals, the focus for insurers is likely to shift from paying for the volume of services provided to reimbursements based on positive health outcomes."

    here is the link......now this is the head "czar" thinking....this is the guy that will try to ram through the Obamaplan.


    Positive implies quality. Insurers are great at determining that as we can testify.

    If this becomes the basis for insurers paying for care, in one fail swoop they get to strangle the medical profession by imprinting cost as the determinant in a very inexact and sometimes inexplicable "when to treat", and how much? What if a person has a terminal disease with a guaranteed near death? Treat or not treat depending upon a doctor's numbers? Example. GBM (glioblastoma) of the brain with a likely death statistically within 6 months of diagnosis, or less? Very expensive treatments with a certain near term outcome. But I met a sweet young lawyer (BIG firm), 42 years old with a GBM. Same age as my daughters. Two little kids. She has survived for 2.5 years, almost unheard of and she is still functioning at a high level (no law). What about folks like that? Of course this is an extreme example, but every decision by a doctor will have to consider the dollars at least equal to "should I"?

    Sure, Doctors need to be accountable but having insurers and their partners, the federal government making that decision is not acceptable.

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    Mar 2009

    I went to the local pharmacy to get my prescription filled about a year ago and noting a large sign on the door stating "we are sorry but we cannot fill prescriptions using an Illinois medical card {well fare card}at this time" While standing in line behind someone on said card who didnt read the sign attempted to get their pills the pharmacist politely explained that he had received zero dollars from the state in excess of 90 days and could no longer afford to hand out prescribed drugs without payment. "But i dont have a car and this is the only pharmacy i can get to" exclaimed the man. The pharmacists response " I am sorry but they owe me $45,000 I just cant do it anymore."

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    That's $15,000 a month just selling to Welfare recipients. Then add to that Insured, SSI, walk-in uninsured, etc.

    Hummmm... medical, insurance, energy, Tax-man......

    Just think what a wonderful World this could be if the Medical Industry could (or at least try to) cure the mental disorder of GREED.
    That's my 2 worth for now. ( maybe a couple ) ---- Fred, ---- fredkolesar@verizon.net

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    No one can get their hands and mind around the enormity of this problem, much less in conjunction with the other enormous catastrophes facing us. There is just not enough money or focused intellect to go around. This country is managed crisis by crisis. The crises have just begun to come to a simmer but they will begin to boil, soon.

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