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Thread: Getting Google Repair Leads... for Beginners

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    Mar 2009

    Getting Google Repair Leads... for Beginners

    Greetings All-

    I don't know if any of you would have an interest in this article, but I wanted to share..The release will be public tomorrow.


    Web-Est Adds New Free Training For Online Collision Repair Leads

    Web-Est adds Free Training information to their “Shop Profit Training” web site, the information is geared towards helping body shop’s get leads using Google™ Search Engine.

    May 28th, 2009. Oldsmar, FL. Web-Est announced today the addition of new content to their “Shop Profit Training” web site; the information can help the smallest of collision repair shops get their name in front of consumers using Google™ to find a local repair shop. The new content is part of Web-Est’s on-going series to help body shops build their sales.

    “The information on our web site can really help local shops keep up with larger collision repair shops who are mastering advertising online.” Stated Eric Seidel, President/CEO of Web-Est, LLC “According to Google™, last month over 1 million people went online and were looking for a body shop. So few consumers use the phone book to find a shop today; we want to help the small-to-mid size shop secure some of those potential jobs.” Seidel continued.

    The full content can be viewed at:
    Body Shop Repair Leads from the Internet: A Step-by-Step for Beginners

    About Web-Est, LLC

    Web-Est, LLC is a provider of online auto collision estimating software. Web-Est licenses Mitchell International’s collision repair data and configures the data into Web-Est’s own operating platform.
    Web-Est services cater to the small to mid-size auto collision repair market by providing a low-cost, high-value, logic-based collision repair estimating software system. The company's estimates are accepted by most major insurance companies. Web-Est provides additional services developed to meet the needs of independent collision repair shops in the area of online Internet marketing.

    Privately held and based in the Tampa Bay, Florida Area, Web-Est is located in the community of Oldsmar. The company also maintains a satellite office in Columbus, OH.
    1-888-Web-Est-0 or 1-888-932-3780
    For a free 14-day Trial, visit: www.Web-Est.com
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    Jan 2009

    This is good information, I guarantee you wont find a better & more direct way to spend advertising money. I have a few business's I use google adwords for and has paid for itself a few times now.

    On my shop site I use the ad to offer repair estimates online using your digital camera. I'm upfront that they will not always be 100% accurate, it gives you many leads that easily turn into sales.

    The best thing about it is you only pay when you have someone interested in your ad. You can set it to target only people living in your area & only searching for what you specify...ie body repairs, collision....etc. Once someone clicks on your ad you get charged, usually anywhere from 0.15-0.50 per click (depending on how many others are buying collision ads to). I love this advertising program and think its a great value.

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    Jan 2009


    It takes time but inexepensive....web sites, photobucket showing what you do, a blog.....

    Every interface with individuals or groups....your kids soccer team, church, you name it, is an opportunity to introduce a way for folks to check the service you offer easily, quickly at their leisure.

    I am not familiar with all the ins and outs of what is best, what is available, but there is no doubt that internet is a great advertising medium for small businesses.

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    Jan 2009

    I already have a very good placement

    on the search engines. Keywords and website design works well for us.

    I pay for top placement on Yahoo.

    Yellow page advertisement is out the window. However once all the competition figures that out too then it might be time to go back in.

    I pay yahoo about $150 a month for top placement for searches in my surrounding area. That is OK.

    My site comes up on Google and Yahoo and other top search engines in the first or second page in most cases anyway.

    Dumb and dumber... that is the how I think of the Yellow pages and the US Postal system. The postal system could have had, should have a sophisticated email system by now... if only they were simply thinking ahead... heck they still do not have a system in place. Now most correspondence travels via email. Hey, at least the phone company caught on. Late, but they still got it. The Yellow pages is a completely separate set of dummies.

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    Mar 2009

    Thanks for sharing all.

    Another good marketing product to use is Google Maps, it gives a local shop good placement for local Google users when they are looking for a shop. We almost included it the current article but didn't want to get too long-winded! Maybe we will do a follow-up on Google Maps, but it is really easy to use.

    Here is a link, check it out:


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