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Thread: It's Been a Very Long Time...Unfortunately Many of The Same Problems Continue...

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    Jun 2009
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    It's Been a Very Long Time...Unfortunately Many of The Same Problems Continue...

    Hey Gang,

    It's been a long time since I've been here.

    Reading and posting use to be a continued activity years ago and while many people and things have changed, unfortunately however, too many harmful behaviors remain the same.

    For those that are unaware, I have been providing Coaching/Consulting services to quality oriented collision repairers across our great country. I have been able to see many owners/operators change their mindset and behaviors and be able to escape the ties that had bound them to poor business practices. Practices which provided all the benefits to the insurers while accepting all the liabilities, at minimal profit, and all too often, absorbing ("eating") the cost to provide a proper and thorough repair for their customers and to protect their company's reputation. Sound familiar!?

    Anyway, I'll be visiting to see what activities are taking place and hopefully to say hello to some great old friends and perhaps make some new ones!

    Be safe and remain healthy and remember: If You Don't Get it...You Can't Give it!


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    Jan 2009

    Good to see you back, and good to see some posts on this site.

    I have been having trouble reading and posting so every time a pop up comes up, I exit it fron the top line on my computer . I then click the back button and the site resets it's self so that I may continue.

    It is not necessary to follow the links and download anything. Just exit the pop up and re click the post in order to read it and comment.
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