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Thread: Consent Decree to be Sunsetted

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    At a seminar conducted by Mitchell, I pinned the speaker down about the times they allocated in their database regarding prescribed times for various operations. He started telling the lie that they did time studies while observing the various operations being performed. When I asked why the DEG so frequently found their posted times deficient and recommended additional times, since they documented the times required as he stated, he dodged answering the question directly. I made the statement that I knew of no situation that the DEG found a repair time excessive, they were always deficient when actually studied. I then asked why they continued to perpetuate the myth that blend times during paint operations required only 50% of full refinish times, since it has been unequivocally proven over and over not to be true, that it in fact requires more time. When the speaker said,"I have personally witnessed the operation and half the refinish time is adequate", he lost the audience completely, as well as any credibility. The reality is that the data providers conduct few, if any, actual time studies, pander to insurers( their biggest customers) and deliberately misrepresent repair times for one purpose only, to please their biggest customers.
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