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Thread: How driver-assist tech can result in a $5,000 fender-bender

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    How driver-assist tech can result in a $5,000 fender-bender


    As a certified ancient, these driver assist things are scary to me. One thing I have noticed is that folks with back up cameras, which by the way don't nearly cover all the angles, will use them exclusively and not look around before backing up.

    But not nearly as scary as texters passing me at 90 mph......living close to a college and that traffic, my informal observations tells me at least 70% are texting for miles and miles. Not to mention 18 wheelers on the interstate.

    Roy Smalley,

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    Jan 2009

    To quote the article,

    " The technology is extremely cool, and I feel more secure with an extra set of senses monitoring the road and traffic around me."

    Ok, I will just put my feet up on the dashboard, sit back and enjoy the ride.
    If I get into an accident, it will not be my fault.

    This scenario is just like the new political correctness that is going around now a days. "Not my fault", "I deserve it"
    and "What are you going to do for me"

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