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Thread: legal liability discussion

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    legal liability discussion

    An interesting but non informative discussion about 'possibilities' for liability.

    Brings to mind can a DRP be an "employee" of an insurer? Are insurers the predominate contributor or causation for poor repairs?

    Is there evidence that a repairer has no real choice than go out of business, or follow the insurer's directives?

    And what would the situation be called when you either adhere or toe the line, or destroy your investment?

    Rather than fool around with whether a tech could be held accountable, why not look at the elephant in the room?

    What is an employee? Simply a person that works for some other entity. Do corporations share that designation; do corporations and company have the same rights as an individual person? Can a company be an 'employee' of another company? Or would they be a "partner"? That sure does ring a bell........
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