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    Something new every day

    I missed this new association back in January. "SCRS and Michell" now associated. I particularly like this phrase "........ Database Enhancement Gateway, which works with information providers like Mitchell to answer repairer and insurer questions about the nuances and intricacies of their estimating systems".

    "Nuances and intricacies"? Wow.

    Again, after many years I must ask again, "why does a third party get involved with 'asking questions' about 'nuances and intricacies' when there is neither"? Better question would be "why do IP's exist at all"? Apparently SCRS, lets not let them forget, a body shop association.....still...doesn't have a clue, or are afraid to ask.....their new associate.

    Let's see now. How many decades has this charade being going on, and now we have progressed to discussing "nuances and intricacies"?

    The worst decision I ever made in my long life was to get into collision repair. The best was when I got out. But I am still pissed at the lack of backbone shown by collision repair "leaders".
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