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Thread: Pro Discussion ???

  1. Pro Discussion ???

    Really?......................................???? Since there is no interest apparently, ........Why does this forum even exist?

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    I too, have often wondered the same thing. But I am an optimist, someday someone will ask a question and maybe someone else will have the ultimate answer.

    For now, I say run your business the way you want to, without any outside interference and you will prosper.
    Your gross income may be less but your net profit will be more.

    Why slave all day for $45/hr when you can work only 4 hours at $90?

    ( and don't say you cant do it, ask anyone that fixes lawn mowers!)

  3. Just got an invoice for $360.00 for hosting this site for this upcoming year. I dont have any interest in continuing this as I have for the last 10 years or more. I agree with you both. and Facebook has really taken things over.. who wants control of this site? If not takers I will have it shut down.. thanks

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