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Thread: Amended CA steering regulation

  1. Amended CA steering regulation


    Lots to pick apart in that reg starting with 3rd party insurer right to inspect?

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    If we have learned nothing else in the last few years, we have learned that when the government "fixes" a problem it always gets worse.

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    Long way around the barn,

    a few lines of text would solve much of the problem. With current technology there should be no reason not to mandate ALL related communications regarding a claim not be retained and available to the DOI for review. If there is a indication that the insurer did not comply, immediate trigger for market conduct exam (like a IRS audit to us). If it is a pattern and practice of the company their certificate of authority to sell in the state is revoked. I bet every company would be very, very careful what they say in that case.

    Something similar here but not as defined. There is a line in the claims practices act that mandates all relevant material be retained in the claim file. This makes for a nice opening for the shop to send their estimate of damages, maintain it is the insured or claimants statement of loss.... and remind the insurer to retain this in the claim file as per statute. You would be amazed how often a check is sent out to the penny without any "additional paperwork" attached.
    Collision repair... so easy even a monkey can do it... and some do!

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    "relevant' as is "it depends on what your definition of 'it' is........................"
    Roy Smalley,

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