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Thread: Marion indiana appraisal help

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    Marion indiana appraisal help

    We have a rental office in Marion, IN. that I am looking for a reliable and affordable appraisal service that will appraise damage to our vehicles in our self insured pool. The PDA office in Indianapolis charges for all kinds of charges that no other PDA office does and charges us $1.50 per mile after first 50 miles and they are almost 100 miles away from our location in Marion. Any helo would be greatly appreciated.

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    It seems

    that if you have a self insured risk pool, you have to bite the bullet and pay when there is a loss. I have had some experience with a large self insured entity where we contracted all adjusting to a company for a set per occurrence fee. I understand if your pool does not want to take that route but probably the best is a good risk management program where you may minimize the number of times you'll need those services.
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