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  1. What if

    What if you installed siding and you had a guy follow you around and go to each prospective customer and tell them that he has a guy that will do the siding job cheaper, faster and as good of a job as you.

    Hey wait a minute, that's what does happen.

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    I get your analogy Mike. I was never much of a siding fan. But as we spent decades sealing and staining I thought I'd look into it. I found a couple houses with siding I liked and it looked very natural. So I stopped to interview both homeowners and turned out both had hired the same guy, and both had nothing but praise for him. So that was my guy!

    We do still have consumers who are interested in asking friends, relatives and co-workers their opinions about their auto body experiences. Thank God for that! Insurers can only steer so much.
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