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Thread: The simple things in life

  1. The simple things in life

    There is nothing more amusing that so simply shows what a mess this industry is and the inability for ANYONE to get it cleaned up but to get 2 estimates from the same appraiser at the same time for 2 different cars with 2 different labor rates... Does that not speak to what a mess this whole industry is... It would be funny.. oh heck it is funny.. I'm not working for either of those rates anyway.. jeeeeepers.....

  2. It is also interesting how you could have a car you fixed with a final invoice of $10,000. Depending upon the insurer, with the same car, the payment would be different. Some would cut a check for $10,000. Others for $8,100. Those numbers are averages. On a case by case basis the vehicle owner may be indemnified for much less than the $8,100. And they consider this making the claimant whole.

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