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    The DRP advocate blues.

    I keep a close watch on this board most all the time
    And I've noticed participation's on decline
    The lizard and the Gecko have me in bind
    because I'm theirs, I walk the line.

    I find it very very easy to comply
    I find my bank account insufficient and I sigh
    And I will admit that I am a slave for them
    I just lean forward grab my ankles and I bend.

    As sure as wrong is wrong and right is right
    I complain with all my might
    Though it never gets easier with time
    because I'm theirs, I keep in line.

    They've got a way to keep me on their side
    My obedience to them I can not hide
    And I moan and whine to anyone who'll hear
    I fear greatly now, the end is near.

    I guess there's nothing else left to be said
    I think my business life is forever dead
    I guess I'll ride off into the great sunset
    Because what they'll pay, is all I'll ever get.
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    I hear a pain a comin!

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