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Thread: Folder Watcher

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    Jun 2009

    The DRP advocate blues.

    I keep a close watch on this board most all the time
    And I've noticed participation's on decline
    The lizard and the Gecko have me in bind
    because I'm theirs, I walk the line.

    I find it very very easy to comply
    I find my bank account insufficient and I sigh
    And I will admit that I am a slave for them
    I just lean forward grab my ankles and I bend.

    As sure as wrong is wrong and right is right
    I complain with all my might
    Though it never gets easier with time
    because I'm theirs, I keep in line.

    They've got a way to keep me on their side
    My obedience to them I can not hide
    And I moan and whine to anyone who'll hear
    I fear greatly now, the end is near.

    I guess there's nothing else left to be said
    I think my business life is forever dead
    I guess I'll ride off into the great sunset
    Because what they'll pay, is all I'll ever get.
    Last edited by Johnny Crash; 01-22-2016 at 03:37 PM.
    I hear a pain a comin!

  2. After seeing the install for the GM parts pricing and talking to the dealer who can see your repair order live this is going to be interesting.. there is thought that GM will lower the price of parts for a car with 75000 miles as compared to one with 10000 miles can you imagine the implications there and that they will be sharing the repair order info with insurers and show them larger discounts where the insurer will allow their appraisers to write the discounted OEM.. all of this is simply linked with a vin number and no way around it for you and I if we want GM pricing in our repair orders.. Nice job.. here comes the spike.. or nail as they say..

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    Jan 2009

    Perhaps another course of action with a new player.
    Roy Smalley,

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