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Thread: Insurer says DRP shop that did bad repair pays us for re-do.

  1. Insurer says DRP shop that did bad repair pays us for re-do.

    We've redone many badly repaired DRP shop jobs over the years. Some have been totaled, some they convinced the customer to have the DRP shop take care of it and mostly we did them over. In fact I have 4 going right now. 4 different insurers, 4 different area shops.

    So at this point this one is under $5,000. The appraiser told us to call the original shop when we are done and they'll pay us. I told him that wasn't happening. The original shop did call and tell me to go easy on them because they were paying. I though that meant to Allstate. I told him that they are the ones that agreed to those arrangements.

    When I called the owner to discuss it he said he's getting into a rental and the original repair shop called the rental place and made all the arrangements. He will not go back to them for the repairs. Appraiser already struck out on that.

    The appraiser has to regroup now and is calling me in the morning.

  2. No surprise at all.. but get your signed authorization... and be sure the owner knows when you start where their money is coming from...

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    I have been down that road before too. I make it known up front that I, and only I, will determine what the repair procedure and cost will be and the offending insurance company will be paying the bill. I have had them object and try to threaten, but quickly let them know they are complicit in what happened to the car because they steered the owner to the offending shop and away from me. I let it be known that I owe them and the offending shop nothing, that my responsibility is to do what they failed to, and that is to do what is in the best interest of the customer. They pay.

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    I would think that the best way to handle this is to get the authorization from the car owner for the repairs that I thought necessary and have him pay for the repairs upon completion of the repairs requested.

    i would accept a bank check that came from the other shop if the customer obtained it.

    No second or third parties involved. Just a normal customer requested repair.

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