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Thread: Happy Birthday Young Man Mark Pierson

  1. Happy Birthday Young Man Mark Pierson

    Hope you enjoy your day..

  2. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY,. Enjoy the day

  3. Happy Birthday. Sounds like a double butter burger day to me. Enjoy.

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    Enjoy this one, and I will see you next year....!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's my 2 worth for now. ( maybe a couple ) ---- Fred, ---- fredkolesar@verizon.net

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    Thanks guys! I've been cleaning out my back (storage) room after it got to the point it was getting hard to navigate. There were a few steel bumpers that now are so old I wouldn't want to work on the vehicle anyway. One bright spot... My old IBM PS1 computer is almost worth what it was 25 years ago! Now I have room for new crap.
    Collision repair... so easy even a monkey can do it... and some do!

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