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Thread: Any thoughts on what is fair and reasonable?

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    Any thoughts on what is fair and reasonable?

    Insurance company pay on a 2004 vehicle. The headlamp on this vehicle is cracked and needs replaced. This vehicle is a clean average maintained vehicle. The cost of a new OE headlamp is approx 610.00. Price of an A/M super capa is 510. Price of used is 250 shop cost but not guaranteed to be “fog free”. The IV has a “fog free” set of lamps and therefore this particular local used lamp is not an option. A nicer lamp might be possible to find but at the moment, none are available local and other repairs to this vehicle don’t leave much time to find a guaranteed good lamp abroad. Now, the OE manufacturer is willing to “price match” this lamp for 220 to the shop. This information is only available to the repair facility. Any opinions on what is fair and reasonable or how the shop should write this? What is the insurer responsible for?

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    In my shop I follow the customers orders as long as it does not concern a safety item or shoddy workmanship. I charge accordingly.

    I will advise the customer of what I would do if it was my car however.

    I like the sentence in the Ma. Auto policy that simply states "We will pay the cost of the repair of your car if it is in an accident, less the deductible"

    Ps. The offer of the dealer to sell you the part with a greater discount is to get you to buy the part off of him. The extra profit you may recieve is of no concern to him.

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    Roger is correct. You have three issues. One, you are trying to make the insurer part of your relationship with your customer and that confuses you as to what your real duty is. Two is the duty to your customer the car owner which is fairly straight forward. Three is your duty to yourself which is to make a profit up to the limit of what competition allows which has nothing to do with what the insurer owes or will pay the car owner.

    I bet you have spend many times the amount of effort than necessary when what you should do as a professonal repairer responsible to the car owner, is write what you feel is required to do your duty and make a reasonable profit; a profit only you can determine.
    Roy Smalley,

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