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Thread: Jason's Auto Body Fredericksburg VA

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    Nov 2013

    Jason's Auto Body Fredericksburg VA

    Our Auto Body Shop offers wide range of auto body services including collision repair, car painting, body work, dent removal, hail repair, scratch removal, , custom painting, vehicle towing and all the other kinds of damage repair services that your car may need. http://www.jasonsautobody.com/aboutus.htm

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    Jan 2009

    Nice site but I would drop the reference to insurance repairs in the hail damage.

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    Jan 2009

    It was the discount for hail damage I found interesting. If you have to begin by discounting, you're already dinked. Insurers rarely ever pay out enough to begin with on hail damage as they hope the insured will simply live with the damage and cash the check. Or perhaps that's the reason for the discount. Strange.

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