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Thread: Major influence of this site--the power of information

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    Jan 2009

    Major influence of this site--the power of information

    should be continued and expanded by inclusion of what people are doing that might or is having an effect in the many states. Much useful information is, still, being held closely and distributed to a few rather than being made available to the many.

    I have never understood the reluctance of sharing of information particularly publicly available information (and the insurer already know more than anyone else) but requires that a person know that it exists just to find it. I guess that goes along with the inability of many repairers to come together on a common front.

    Advocate shares freely with what he finds and he does spend a lot of time in research. Others should emulate his practice and put it out in the arena where it can be used. You never can tell when someone else will provide an input to that information that makes it even more useful.

    Pierson has a great deal of information on his site (see links) that is not easy or inexpensive to build and maintain but is a good example of a depository for all to use. Post it here, send it to Pierson so we can all have an advantage.

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    Jan 2009

    I have also been adding things to the website for my company. They include forms, repair information, news information of note and FAQ's that anyone can access that is looking. The FAQ's which are on my site are primitive, but they tell it like it is and answer many questions a consumer may have.

    The link to http://www.directdv.com/ is a fine example of getting the word out to consumers.

    Will you have a link exchange here?

    There was a Texas shop with a website that someone on this forum posted a link to a few months back that had excellent information available for consumers which was presented in a creative, informative, non threatening professional way.

    I remember that who ever posted the link asked if anyone knew this fellow. Does anyone have the link?

    I take your statement as a general endorsement and that linking from our websites to this forum is OK. However I suppose if a link shows up on my site to this forum, that I can kiss the chances away of me ever being accepted as a DRP for an insurance company ever again. LOL

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