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Thread: Joliet Junior College looking for AutoBody instructors/students

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    Joliet Junior College looking for AutoBody instructors/students

    Joliet Junior College is looking for instructors for the upcoming Fall 2012 semester to teach Autobody. JJC is also looking for students that may be interested in taking said classes.

    Please look over the attachments and see if you or anyone that you may know would be interested in being an instructor/student.

    If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    - JJC instructor qualification requirements
    - JJC schedule for the Autobody classes

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    Seashop, I wish you luck but it appears a difficult task to find the needed instructors and students. Many years ago I was at a crossroads on what profession to pursue, crazy as it sounds I was either going to Belgium and learn the fine art of diamond cutting or continue refinishing autos. As I'm posting here it is obvious where I stayed, but I don't see much interest in the work and dedication it takes to pursue this profession with the third party rate setting and control. I'm doing very well and will continue but cannot recommend for a younger person to follow unless they have unlimited resources to buffer themselves from the sludge of this industry.
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    When some company wants to change my estimate, I tell them there are over four million damaged vehicles I won't repair this year, I'm not going to lose sleep over one more.

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    A diminishing repair market, an ever changing and hands on work limiting process, limits on the professional achievement measured in income.....all come into play. We are in the process of witnessing the end of an era where hands on skills were an art with some science, in repairing a car.

    A better bet for those that have the passion for "cars" would be to concentrate on saving the old valuable cars and that is just about the only real promise for a few decades perhaps, for youngsters that are intrigued by the smell, feel and challenge that comes from applying skills in the automotive industry.

    Any training should have as an integral part with some emphasis, the future of the skills they are learning; the economic reality that this too, will pass.
    Roy Smalley,

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