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Thread: Whats the matter this year?

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    Jan 2009

    Whats the matter this year?

    No one here going to NACE?

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    Jan 2009

    I was asked to attend a few NACE functions TWO DAYS AGO!!!! ... somehow I get the feeling NACE has lost the trade show showdown with SEMA.

    Although I miss getting together with friends at these deals, I can't say I miss the actual show or "classes".
    Collision repair... so easy even a monkey can do it... and some do!

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    Jan 2009

    As Mark said,

    meeting up with shop friends from all over the country and having fun together is something we truly miss. But as far as the show or seminars, how much more equipment do any of us really need? Haven't you heard how OLD WE ALL ARE??? Do we really need to purchase more equipment just so we can auction it all off for pennys on the dollar in just a few years when we retire? What's the point? So we can dig ourselves further into debt, so much so that insurers will be able to pick the rest of our bones clean as is happening now?

    Sure,we all miss seminars such as those presented by Patrick or Erica. And how often was Pat been asked to return? Do we really need to revisit that issue again? We all know the reasons.

    They sat by while the collision industry was withering. Now it's too late. Industry associations and most organizations have failed miserably. But most insurers don't feel that way.
    "Better to die a hero, than live a coward."
    Charles Woods, father of slain SEAL Ty Woods

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    Jan 2009
    Southaven, Mississippi

    I started to respond to this thread in a similar fashion to Pam's response and changed my mind, thinking I might be the "only one" who thought that way. For too long now, insurance companies have made no distinctions in those who invest heavily in equipment and training and those who have not. By virtue of that fact, those who invest little profit more, since insurance companies have always gravitated to the lowest denominator.
    I have felt for more than a few years now that I must tread water and wait for things to settle down, for those who were ill equipped to repair vehicles to go away and those of us who were still around to rebound and become profitable again. Unfortunately, none of that has come to pass thanks to the continuing propping up of those marginal to poor business models by an insurance industry that could care less about repair integrity. Competition to offer greater repair integrity has taken a back seat to competing to be the cheapest and fastest. Where's the dignity or future in that and why would anyone invest in it?
    Why do I need to go to an event to see equipment that I know I need but am reluctant to buy because of a downward spiraling economy and continuing empowerment to an insurance industry that is dedicated to erasing as much profit as possible in our business? Why do I need to sit in on a seminar that preaches that the path to riches involves "lean processes", a business model that transfers responsibility for shrinking profits away from insurance companies and onto us? Why do I need to sit in on a seminar that expouses what insurance companies deem to be acceptable "industry standards", while ignoring manufacturers' recommendations?
    I'm 61 years old, have enjoyed a reasonably good run in this business, and am only continuing to stck around because I have nothing to lose by being a pain in the ass to those dedicated to my failure

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