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Thread: Whatz up with the ABOL hi-jacking of pro-discussion?

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    Jan 2009

    Whatz up with the ABOL hi-jacking of pro-discussion?

    Granted I have been away for some time... from both forums... BUT WTF!!!

    Hasn't anyone noticed how ABOL has hi-jacked the Pro-discussion name by proxy...???

    "Pro to Pro Disscussion"... yea right...

    I miss the old dayz.

    When there was actually a real discussion... on here... and over there... BY REAL PROFESSIONALS

    Are those folks over there at ABOL that hard up or what? That they have to "high jack" this forums good name.

    What a shame.

    Dare I say "Lack of participation" as an industry, as a whole.

    Damn... I miss the old days. (not really)

    And still only two forums for an entire industry... that is not saying much for the "collision industry" ... is it? Or is it?

    I'm sooooo glad that I am no longer associated with that so called "industry".

    What a bunch of scum sucking, bottom dwelling whores there are... who call themselves "collison professionals".


  2. Tim,

    You will never see things discussed like they are discussed on this site anywhere...check out the data provider thread that might keep you busy.....but not to worry no one has the balls to host a site that discusses the real issues like this one...past, present and future hosts for this site were, are and always will be open to real discussion....

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    Jan 2009


    You're kidding. They're still around?

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