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  1. Tofler's "Future Shock" On Steroids
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  5. This just rubs me the wrong way...
  6. Funny Friday
  7. Record snow in Texas........don't sniker all you North easterners......
  8. And you wonder where cynicism comes into play.......and folks don't trust "Big"
  9. Obama to promote federal oversight over Health Insurer Rate Increases
  10. On Wednesday, the house voted to end health insurance's Antitrust Exemption
  11. FBI raids Denso and others....looking into Cartel actions
  12. Health Care summit
  13. A 40 year anniversary of Kent State has passed.......
  14. The Oil Spill; What if this were intentional?
  15. Need Help
  16. the real story in the Gulf yet to come?
  17. AFganistan next door?
  18. Trial lawyers vs Tort Reformers, Texas election
  19. Merry Christmas
  20. Income vs outgo plus unfunded
  21. If you take photos with your smart phone
  22. Who is really in charge of the fed's budget push?
  23. Is Medicare guaranteed?
  24. Anybody Need Any Rain?
  25. Something all Americans should know...
  26. Get Real.... Electric Cars?
  27. Oldest survivor of Baatan...
  28. Op-ed in WSJ....
  29. Lotsa stuff here...
  30. Occupy Wall Street
  31. Thinking About Sharing This
  32. Gordon Duff
  33. justcallmekit
  34. The American Dream - Federal Reserve Scam
  35. Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it - Edmund Burke
  36. Clarence Thomas
  37. Economic Hitmen
  38. Secret Science
  39. The United World of Goldman Sachs
  40. Hey Tim...
  41. For the Socialist/Communist:
  42. Did Lowes Home Improvement make the mistake of the year?
  43. Ndaa citizens arrest bill
  44. Your TV wont tell you this stuff
  45. How to brainwash a nation
  46. This is kinda fun if you have the time...
  47. Happy New Year! ;)
  48. Found interesting
  49. Here we go...
  50. Sad...
  51. Check it out....
  52. I saw this story a few days ago from another source... hope it ain't so...
  53. Energy primer
  54. This could be a great start to fixing things...
  55. Remember "Soul Train?"
  56. Stranger than fiction....
  57. 911's weakest link
  58. Today's tiny news story...
  59. Gordon's weekly intel dump...
  60. Does this have anything to do with our plight? warning!!! over 500 words!!!!
  61. Hey, remember funny Friday? ;)
  62. Our Tax dollars at work
  63. Well, here it is....
  64. Edward Bernays- ish...
  65. tiny news story
  66. What's next? Aliens?
  67. The Necessity of Disillusionment
  68. Transformation from the Welfare State to the Imperial Police State
  69. State department document 7277
  70. Sec. Clinton assassination attempt
  71. Agenda 21 for Dummies
  72. I have much respect for these courageous rabbis
  73. This is amazing if true...
  74. Yes, really...
  75. Okay, this is funny, I don't care who you are right there...
  76. This really would
  77. What are and who are anarcho capitalists?
  78. "Mega Corps Are The Government."
  79. Interesting insider info on Boston bombing
  80. Magic healing dust. For best results watch full screen on YT.
  81. Obamacare
  82. Ubi
  83. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370
  84. 800th Aniversary of Magna Carta