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  1. Welcome...Looks like the board is working
  2. How come no comments on the health news the other night
  3. What does it matter?
  4. If there are issues with registering or posting
  5. Hey Farm DRPs... :D
  6. Hey DRPs…
  7. Hey Advocate.......
  8. Appraisal Clause
  9. Assignment of Proceeds-What can someone tell me about the legal
  10. Estimating Systems & Database Information
  11. Thread subject lines, just a thought.
  12. Major influence of this site--the power of information
  13. MA Special Report on Labor Rate
  14. Google maps enhancement
  15. Well, over the next few weeks...
  16. Hudson River Landing
  17. Scott Burns on Madoff, the last straw
  18. Troll protection in force??
  19. Allstate Adjuster Video
  20. Sos
  21. "Responsible push back"...
  22. Allstate included on ABRN's
  23. A good start, where is our's
  24. Oh, Oh DRPs. Times is tough…
  25. Hey Trade Rags, isn't a trial...
  26. Too COLD to work...
  27. Anybody ever hear of this group?
  28. Survival mode (Lippy)
  29. SF Select Service Outrage
  30. Allstate liability deductible ...
  31. What fools…
  32. Ouch... Some questions are
  33. Hey Gomer, on behalf of your ankle-grabbing…
  34. Somebody tell me the point of this article...
  35. Hey Concierge shops, your partner….
  36. Just for a little greed?
  37. PCI propaganda bandwagon at it again.
  38. Commerce Insurance fraud comments
  39. So Leader Lee, Lippy, Darrell, Gomer…
  40. Steering Investigation
  41. I can die now......cuz I've seen it all.
  42. Out of touch, rude, adjuster.
  43. Please save this date!
  44. Mike Harber ... in Hospital
  45. Avatars available
  46. In this week’s “newsletter”, Math Wiz Lippy …
  47. A cautionary tale from CIC….
  48. DV in Kansas City
  49. Words of wisdom from Ron Pyle....but a little late.
  50. Jig rental
  51. Hey DRPs, your partners' thank you...
  52. Hey State Farm....don't let
  53. Learn From the Experts What’s Best When it Comes to Reporting Frame Damage
  54. Dear Addy
  55. Wasted time on estimates
  56. Like a good...
  57. Hey PRO Shops…
  58. A little early but I wanted to be the first this year to say....
  59. Blago is in the building...soon to speak.
  60. Mr. Howard
  61. Another gem from Leader Lee…
  62. Hey, all you "STARS"...
  63. Happy Friday
  64. Roy,
  65. Has Math Wiz Lippy finally admitted…
  66. Now And Then
  67. survey sez:the industry is in the toilet.
  68. Advocate ?
  69. Well, another one has bitten the dust…
  70. Advocate or anyone
  71. Allstate Guilty
  72. This article too much!
  73. Hmmmm….
  74. Do numbers mean anything anymore?
  75. Anyone else find this ironic?
  76. Wade LUVS his Bunn!
  77. It's 1972 all over again. Perhaps Leader Lee..
  78. Need advice
  79. Whoa Biggsy, you done stepped in it…AGAIN!
  80. Calling all “PROs”…
  81. Oh, oh Leader Lee….
  82. Keep asking for it and you'll get it.
  83. Speaking of an old clunker.
  84. State Farm and Florida property customers
  85. CARSTAR & ASA-DRP advice, circa 2000
  86. And so it goes.
  87. Hey Rog...
  88. Attachments question
  89. Alabama Unauthorized Practice of Law documents
  90. How to save a lot of time and heartburn
  91. An idea for Biggs & his APN members...
  92. Fined for doing the right thing
  93. Another "Lincoln's B-day" anniversary!
  94. Any one using 3M Dent Filling Compound ?
  95. PLEASE call your congressmen!
  96. Public Adjusters - Anyone? Bueller?
  97. Any proconsumer shops or dv guys in Falls Church, VA area?
  98. Did anybody catch "House of Cards" on CNBC Thurs.
  99. Hey CCRE, Dennis is dissing your group.
  100. Drama
  101. Hey Biggsy, according to Math Wiz Lippy...
  102. Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
  103. ABRN: New Look, Same Uninformed Content
  104. Won't be long until Wade and I...
  105. DRP document archive
  106. Taking apart the stimulus package
  107. OEM parts (GM)
  108. question on replacement vin decals
  109. Licensed Shops In Illinois
  110. This is worth watching!
  111. Instant messaging/chat
  112. 52,000 U.S. customers? Any insurers?
  113. Sign up, join the Chicago "tea" party!
  114. Options for change in the industry. Monday homily.
  115. Task force drives few American cars.
  116. "Grumpy Old Men"
  117. Oh, oh Rog…
  118. DOJ Acknowledges Diminished Value in Total Loss Definition
  119. Waterborne basecoat
  120. Hey all you "PROs"
  121. The DRP mentality
  122. Hey Rog, it is getting worse...
  123. Calculator
  124. Jack sez: "overpriced repairs"
  125. Talk about irony… (LMAO)
  126. Remember me telling you folks that...
  127. Estimating systems
  128. Hey Mike O…
  129. Select Service shops, you will feel this pain.
  130. CrashTalk Radio Saturday 9-10AM PST
  131. Appraisal of Loss
  132. Someone from Kansas tell me about
  133. Proconsumer shops still winning!
  134. Ah, Ron Pyle is correct!
  135. How about just paying the damn claim?
  136. Our thoughts
  137. 3 Stage documentation
  138. Chopping Block
  139. Allsnakes not accepting liability and acting unprofessional... again
  140. Fwd
  141. Nationwide Insurance Class Action DV
  142. Wade, AASPI's Irish Princess!
  143. Just got a copy of
  144. Hey Rog...
  145. Poor Leader Lee...
  146. WIN's 2007-990, posted for all to examine.
  147. Supreme Court today upholds patient's right to sue
  148. How sad….
  149. Abe Lincoln's words of wisdom.
  150. Another fine example of people don't get it.....
  151. Check out this Hot Water Bottle's Website
  152. Say it ain't so!
  153. Web-Est Question
  154. DCR granted patent for collision repair
  155. Poor Leader Lee….
  156. Any thoughts on what is fair and reasonable?
  157. The definition and consequences of BIG
  158. AASPI meeting news...
  159. What does Wade think about this?
  160. Judge uses small court victories as evidence
  161. Cadillac/GM Parking Assist
  162. State Farm's "Code of Conduct"
  163. Auto Sales Rise 25% After Tax Cuts:
  164. Breaking news:
  165. PPG closing plants, slashing 2500 jobs.
  166. Ken's latest edition to his blog:
  167. It's Aloha Friday
  168. Claims magazine.
  169. Well, according to Liddy quoted today on CNN
  170. Well, there you have it folks...
  171. Another Letter to CCC's CEO
  172. Nevada has introduced legislation to fully legalize…
  173. IL. Adjustment firm just confirmed...
  174. My Iowa neighbors are hosting Progressive.
  175. March Fender Bender Pg. 19
  176. State Farms Defective Asian...
  177. According to a recent Sonic Automotive SEC filing (March 16th)...
  178. Huge price increases on chromed products
  179. Ahem...
  180. Does anyone else enjoy the irony.....
  181. Diminished value in NC
  182. ASA, SF & CAPA, a love affair to remember!
  183. Well, it appears that the Automotive Service...
  184. LMAO Talk about irony…
  185. CAPA and the Law of Unintended Consequences
  186. "TEA" anyone?
  187. "Mercedes plans $290M expansion for plant"
  188. CrashTalk Radio Saturday 9-10AM PST
  189. Todd Fox
  190. Fox news and LKQ parts
  191. Opportunity?
  192. Today I was reminded of the most obvious that no one can predict the future
  193. I find this relevant...
  194. Eugene Robinson, Washington Post, asked the question of Geither today
  195. Interlocking Corporate Boards
  196. PCI opposes repeal of MFA
  197. Shop Sues State Farm.
  198. Ring...ASA calling!
  199. Dearly departed friend
  200. Allstate agents, in "Good" hands?
  201. State Farm parts procurement agreement scrapped
  202. Turn About
  203. I think it's time
  204. Hey Pam...
  205. Hey Rog... :D
  206. So many days, so many meetings.
  207. Those poor fools in Wisconsin…
  208. CA DV Lawt
  209. Not bad…
  210. Should you care about this meeting? You bet!
  211. A Little Help Please
  212. Depreciation
  213. CrashTalk Radio Saturday 9-10AM PST
  214. Support those who support you!
  215. I need some Critics ....
  216. Even the biggest DRPs
  217. Testing - Signature. No message.
  218. Why we are self-employed.
  219. Deminished Value Claim
  220. Blood has shot from my eyes
  221. Signs of A Wreck
  222. Allstate's CEO took pay hit in 2008...sniff, sniff!
  223. Who's obligation is it anyway....legal docs
  224. I could live at this shop.
  225. Signs of A Wreck
  226. Hey Verifacts, Allstate, Collision Week..
  227. The Insurance Company's Taj Mahal
  228. Stabbed in the back...
  229. CrashTalk Radio Saturday 9-10AM PST
  230. Please TAKE NOTICE this is extremely impotant to us all
  231. Hey Blue Ribbon Boys and Girls…
  232. Well Gomer and Boobey...
  233. Wreck Check Software
  234. Hey Biggsy...
  235. Is this important to our industry?
  236. What's the point of this?
  237. Paging Danny Wyatt
  238. New Technology Coming Fast
  239. Remember when I suggested…
  240. Summer has finaly arrived!
  241. Welcome SF's George Avery.
  242. Hey, all you STARS…
  243. Anyone know anything about overseas shipping
  244. Well, duhhh…
  245. CrashTalk Saturday 9-10am PST w/guest Wade Ebert
  246. Damn Rog….
  247. The Enemy Leading the Ignorant
  248. In the past week alone…
  249. Go navy!
  250. Meanwhile, over in the “glass” world...