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Policyholders' Bill of Rights
Reasonable Reform . . .
    . . . Real Protection !
For the past Forty [40] Years, the P & C Insurance Industry has ignored the 1963 Federal Consent Decree and continue to artificially suppress claim settlements and impose unnecessary premium rate increases based upon cooked books.

Settlements are being Withheld on Legitimate Claims - Total Losses are being Under Valued - Repairs being Low-Balled, and Insurance Executives take home record breaking $$$.

Fairness and Accountability needs to become a part of the P&C Insurance landscape.

Policyholders’ Bill of Rights is designed to Create Balance . . . and
End Abuse !

Robert F. Kennedy was the Attorney General who got us the 1963 Federal Consent Decree -
"Dream What Never Was . . .
. . . and Ask Why Not !”

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